User experience in the office

Modern workplaces and a feel-good atmosphere


"The longer we can keep our employees, the more valuable they are to us."

Michael Fleischmann, Member of the Board evopro systems engineering AG

Modern workplaces and a feel-good atmosphere

Large social spaces, spacious workstations, free lunch, entertainment equipment, and flexible hours to boot. This is the sound of success models of large IT companies in the famous Silicon Valley. However, this concept has now crept into many companies in our region. We at evopro also consciously focus on making work as pleasant as possible for our employees. A round of billiards or a party at the console with your colleagues is simply part of it. Recently, every employee has even had the opportunity to clear his or her head while playing the piano.

The fact that the topic of user experience in the office – in other words, how employees experience and perceive office life – is becoming increasingly important and how this development came about at evopro is also described by our CFO Michael Fleischmann to the Wirtschaftszeitung. We quote:

"It's all about the user experience"

The fact that this concept works is the experience of Michael Fleischmann, evopro’s Director of Finance and Human Resources. In 2017, the technology company based in the business park started to radically put user experience at the heart of its office design. “We didn’t go through any books to do this, we started from what kind of working environment we would have wanted ourselves in the past,” he explains. This included, in addition to free time and free lunch, inspiring rooms to feel good in. In addition, the workspaces are adapted to the respective activities: In the design area, groups of four in the open-plan office enable teams to work together on a project, in the software area the focus is on opportunities for retreat, and for meetings there is a creative space with cube-shaped boxes instead of fixed furniture. High-quality technical equipment flanks the functionality of the room. A cooperative working space is also planned in the social space. These optimal working and living conditions bring double benefits: the best possible work results and a high level of employee identification with the company. A win-win situation, because:

“The longer we can keep our employees, the more valuable they are to us.”

Source: Business Journal

It's possible!

A company is only as good as its employees. Since we focus on long-term cooperation, the satisfaction of all colleagues is close to our hearts.

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