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The first step

The cover letter is certainly the hardest part of an application, as it is supposed to arouse interest, similar to the introduction to a book.

In the cover letter is for us z. B. interesting to know why you are applying.

In which direction would you like to develop, in which areas do you have special knowledge and experience or which activities and tasks motivate you.

We don’t expect your cover letter to win the next Pulitzer Prize in Literature.

If half a page is enough for you to express what is important to you, that’s perfectly fine with us!

Curriculum vitae

The business card

The resume is your business card!

Go into a little more detail about the various stages of your career so far so that we can get a comprehensive picture of your knowledge and experience.

By the way, a breakdown into “professional positions”, “training” and “knowledge” is very helpful for us.

Tell us the focus of your training and what tasks and activities you took on at your previous employers.

If you have studied, please do not forget about any internships or special practical courses. Incidentally, working as a student trainee is just as interesting for us as the task to which you have dedicated yourself in your thesis.


Growing through challenges

Certificates complete your application and underpin your details in your résumé. However, the most important certificates are sufficient, such as B. the last two or three job references, your training certificate or the final certificate of your studies or your further training as a master craftsman / technician.

If you have taken part in important training courses, we would also be happy to receive your certificates.

A photo is not necessary and is not required by us.

We are happy to leave the decision to you whether you want to enclose a current photo of yourself or not.


Let's get to know each other

Preparing for an interview or even an assessment center is at least as difficult as writing a good application. Unfortunately, we cannot give you any general tips here either. However, we would like to give you a brief overview of what you can expect in the interview and what we value.

Please do not worry too much in the run-up to an interview in our company. We are not profilers and will certainly not provide you with a psychological report during the interview!

We see the interview much more as a “introductory interview”.

Just be yourself and tell us about your previous experience, what you personally value or in which direction you would like to develop. In return, we will introduce you to the company and the “spirit” that drives us all.

Please do not worry if you have not yet gained a lot of experience in certain areas, if you have not completed a semester abroad or if you did not complete your studies with an overall grade of 1.0 after six semesters. General technical affinity and fascination, motivation, commitment, personal interest and an open-minded and balanced personality make up a lot and enjoy a high priority in our company!