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We are a company for cross-technology solutions in the industrial environment.

We deal with the development and construction of systems, electronics and software in the following areas
mechanical engineering

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Certification DIN ISO
A bertrandt Company

Shared know-how

As a subsidiary of the Bertrandt Group, we ensure that our customers have access to a wide range of resources and expertise.

Bertrandt is an international engineering service provider with an impressive track record in the automotive, aviation and mechanical engineering sectors.

With around 14,000 highly qualified employees at more than 50 locations worldwide, Bertrandt is actively shaping technological progress and making a valuable contribution to creating a sustainable future.

Our philosophy

A respectful attitude excludes unhesitating, egoistic behavior and is an absolute prerequisite for successful cooperation.

Mutual recognition, honesty and integrity thus represent the second pillar of our successful business activity alongside the high quality of our products and developments.

These principles apply to both internal cooperation and behavior towards external partners.

In use worldwide

evopro also means
“Engineering without borders”
Our employees are now working in more than 14 countries.

We also offer a global distribution network and maintain international partnerships:

Work Life Balance

Balancing work and private life is very important to us. In addition to our lunch canteen, we have a relaxing lounge area with leisure activities such as billiards, table football, Nintendo and a piano. We attach great importance to workplaces with modern equipment and our location in the Regensburg business park offers plenty of space for relaxation in between.