Development of individual software on customer specifications

Comprehensive know-how in data management and plant control


Software development to control complex processes of your industrial requirement.

Software development

With us, Industryand comprehensive software know-how merge into your solution.
We accompany you in your transformation into the digital future.

Data acquisition & evaluation

Modular software solutions | Direct information flows

Together with you, we will develop the right architecture to provide precisely the data from a variety of information sources that will help you to continuously expand your knowledge of the entire process.

“An investment in knowledge still yields the best interest.” (Benjamin Franklin).


Control technology

Distribute tasks | Store data efficiently and make it available at high speed

In special machine construction, our focus is on the development and production of customized complete solutions in which we merge complex requirements from automation, electronics, testing technology, software or image processing.

These solutions are mainly used in the automotive and automotive supplier industry, the electrical and semiconductor industry as well as in the field of mechanical and plant engineering.

Plant control

Nowadays, a large part of system functions is performed using software – be it data acquisition, processing logic, control of hardware, or user communication.


When developing your solution, we pay attention to usability, expandability and compatibility during the conception and subsequent implementation.