what we offer

The team

evopro stands for "WE"

Team – great, someone else does it … Anyone who interprets the term “team” in this way is definitely out of place with us!

As a medium-sized company whose most valuable resource is its own employees, we attach great importance to teamwork. We meet at eye level and tackle where we are needed. If someone is absent, a colleague is immediately available to help and fill the gap.

Our executives reach for the wrench just as naturally as the board of directors makes coffee and cleans out the dishwasher….

The team is the star – that makes us strong and sets us apart!

The town

World Heritage Regensburg

Regensburg is many things, but definitely not just any city. An arbitrary hodgepodge of houses, streets, bridges and squares. No. Regensburg is much more – it is history, present and future at the same time.

Regensburg was the center of medieval life and architecture. It tells stories from over 2,000 years and in its current form, with its powerful economy and extensive university offerings, stands for technology, modernity and the future like hardly any other city.

The city is alive – early in the morning until late at night… Early in the morning its 140,000 inhabitants go about their business, during the day thousands of tourists explore the stories behind the winding alleys, the old walls and bridges and all mingle in the evening with its 30,000 students in the many inns, pubs and clubs to let the city pulsate deep into the night.

One thing they all have in common: the joy of the magnificent buildings and the old walls, which have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006 and exude the attitude to life of a northern Italian city that could hardly be more beautiful… Those who have been here once like to come back – sometimes even to stay…

The balance

Work-life balance

When talking about balance in connection with work and career, most people always have the work-life balance in mind and think primarily of a flexible work model that leaves enough flexibility and time for family and hobbies in addition to the job. With a flexible working model based on trust, where performance and not mere attendance time counts, we enable our employees a high degree of flexibility in terms of both time and location and take this desire into account.

But is that really all? Can there be a work-life balance even though we do the same mindless tasks day in and day out? Confucius says: “Choose a profession you love and you will never have to work again”. That is our guiding principle!

Varied tasks, mutual support, support of projects from conception to handover to the customer, flexible working hours, the competence and freedom to make decisions, constantly new challenges, the confirmation of one’s own actions, a self-determination that increases with experience, success and fun at work – this is how we define work-life balance!

The challenge

Growing through challenges

As a technology company, we develop solutions for a wide variety of topics and Industry- be it industrial automation, mechanical engineering, testing technology, Machine Vision, electronics or software.

We do not only rely on the tried and tested, but also break new ground wherever possible.

Our customers rely on us – on our creativity, our ability to innovate, our professionalism, our fascination with technology and our attention to detail.

Every job represents a challenge, is a challenge for all of us – every day anew, always different and always fascinating … That’s what drives us!