evoVIU and evoTrQ as registered trademarks

evoTrQ_registering trademark rights

The SmartCam evoVIU and the component tracking system evoTrQ were officially registered as a trademark. An important step for the product development department of evopro systems engineering AG from Regensburg.

evoVIU_registering trademark rights

The VIU vision:

As early as July 2019, Regensburg-based evopro systems engineering AG presented the evoVIU smart camera as an important sub-unit as part of its in-house exhibition for the evoTrQ component tracking system. An OEM has already ordered an evoVIU system to control a TK stamp. There are inquiries from other OEMs.

EvoVIU stands for “evopro Vision and Inspection Unit” and uses the wording View to keep a targeted view of the essentials during the forming process. The VIU vision begins where previously the optical inline inspection of metal sheets was almost impossible: on the fly at the crossbar feeder.

Component tracking evoTrQ:

With evoTrQ, evopro provides the labeling of the boards and the visualization of all collected material data.

The data is collected in cooperation with the customer. Direct interventions in the press control are carried out by evopro. Interface problems were yesterday.
All measuring instruments can also be delivered turnkey, ie evopro takes over the mechanical and electrical integration.

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