Screwdriver station

  • Prozesse: Assemble, Identify, Put, Respectively, robotics, Screws
  • Automatisierungsgrad: Fully automatic
  • Kundenproduktbereich: PCB assembly
  • Branche: Automotive industry

The screwing station is one of our tailor-made developments for the production of a supplier in the automotive sector.
A Beckhoff control forms the heart of the system; the screwing is carried out using an automatic screwdriver from Weber.
In addition to the system architecture and the programming of the control technology, the mechanical design and the construction of the machine were carried out 100 percent in-house at evopro.
This development package is rounded off by a high-level language application, which acts as a gateway between the system and the servers and records the screwing values.

We would also be happy to develop an individual solution for your production challenge!

Simulation of the service life of test items

  • Automated screw connection of circuit board and connector
  • Up to four production stations can be used
  • Process time per component under 25 seconds
  • Tracing of all process values via the database interface in high-level language


  • Put
  • Screws
  • Respectively
  • Identify
  • Robotics
  • Screwing tool
  • Assemble
  • Robot
  • Screw technology
  • 3-fold tool change system
  • Double spindle with pitch adjustment as the 7th axis of the robot

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