evopro receives its own electric forklift


The Beutlhauser company has been in regular contact with evopro since 2017.
With the short-term rental of Beutlhauser Linde forklifts, evopro AG has so far been able to cover its needs well. However, due to the increasing order situation and more frequent use, a separate forklift was needed.
Max Hofmann, Team Leader in Purchasing, decided after a test drive in favor of the compact Linde E30 / 600HL electric forklift from the used stock in Beutlhausen. Because of the emission-free use, the decision was clearly made in favor of an electric forklift, as this is also used to assemble various machines indoors. Hofmann attached great importance to the maneuverability and sensitive operation of the forklift.
The device was delivered in August and the forklift was used for the first time immediately after delivery.
“The first few days have shown that the Linde E30 / 600HL is just right for us. The forklift makes our day-to-day work easier, so that we can process a lot more efficiently and quickly, ”says Max Hofmann from evopro.
Andreas Bauriedl, sales consultant at Beutlhauser, is pleased that he was able to support the evopro company and thanks Max Hofmann and his team for the regular exchange and partnership.

Source: Carl Beutlhauser Kommunal- und Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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