6th Automotive Advanced Manufacturing Technology Summit

The 6th Automobile Summit for Advanced Manufacturing Technology was successfully held in Chongqing, China from June 16-18, 2020.

Our cooperation partner EMG Beijing was invited to participate in the exhibition and gave a presentation to show the technical solutions in the automotive industry.

EMG took part in the meeting with the live broadcast in the Beijing office and mainly presented the quality assurance products that are used in press production in the automotive industry: EMG SOLID® , IMPOC and SORM3plus , as well as applications of evopro laser code equipment in the automobile factory. At the end of the talk, Mr. Hao answered the other exhibitors’ questions and continued the active interaction, offering the inspiration and better solution for the bottleneck in production management and the faster development in the automotive industry.

The EMG quality assurance systems concentrate on the quality assurance in the automobile factory during pressing, the control of coating residues, the intelligent production data acquisition and other equipment suppliers, in addition the EMG solutions solve these problems very well. EMG can provide know-how about the technical solution and functional application according to different manufacturing processes of different automobile manufacturers in order to meet the different needs of the customers.

Evopro systems engineering AG is a specialist for cross-technology solutions in the industrial environment. It deals with the development and construction of systems, electronics and software in the field of automotive, semiconductor and mechanical engineering.

EMG offers quality assurance systems for automobile manufacturers, steelworks and aluminum manufacturers. They help the automobile manufacturer to monitor the quality during the production process, effectively improve the company’s production efficiency, save costs and increase the throughput rate of the end product. EMG’s portfolio of quality assurance systems includes devices for online lubrication measurement (EMG SOLID®) , online measurement of material properties tensile and yield strength (EMG IMPOC), laser-optical online surface roughness measurement (EMG SORM 3plus) as well as solutions for optimizing the galvanizing process in the steel industry ( EMG eFAMILY). The construction scheme and the equipment are provided in accordance with the customer’s needs, the manufacturing process and the individual installation position.
evopro supplies online laser marking and reading solutions for online blank laser marking in order to implement multi-link production process parameter acquisition, the management of large amounts of data and the tracking of information on warehouse logistics.
To date, more than 200 quality assurance systems from EMG are in use at automotive steel manufacturers around the world! The cooperation between EMG and Evopro will offer you perfect innovative solutions for the technological challenges of the future.

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Source: EMG Automation (Beijing) Limited

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