Preparing for a selection interview or even for an assessment center is at least as difficult as writing a good application. Unfortunately, we cannot give you any generally applicable tips here. However, we would like to give you a brief overview of what you can expect from us during the interview and to what we attach great value.


Please do not worry too much in advance of a job interview in our House. We are not profilers and will certainly not prepare a psychological expert opinion on you during the interview!

Rather, we consider the personal interview to be a "getting to know talk". Just be yourself and tell us about your previous experience, what you value personally or in which direction you would like to develop. In return, we will introduce to you the company and the "spirit" driving us all.

Please have no reservations if you couldn't yet gain a lot of experience in certain areas, if you do not have a semester abroad or if you have not completed your studies with an overall grade of 1.0 after six semesters. General technical affinity and fascination, motivation, commitment, personal interest and an open-minded and balanced personality matter a lot and play an important role in our company!

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