Unsere Hardware Abteilung entwickelt gemeinsam mit Ihnen das für Ihre Anforderungen optimal ausgelegte Prüfsystem um Toleranzgrenzen genau und präzise bestimmen zu können.

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The quality of a product stands and falls with the quality of the measured values that you use to evaluate and advance your development.

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The areas of hardware development and testing technology are closely interwoven with us.
This is not least due to the fact that customer-specific testing technology also requires individually developed hardware.

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Wire harness solutions

Individual development

Individual development

Cable harnesses are the wires in electrical engineering – whether in test cabinets, special machines or cars.

We not only make sure that a cable connection goes from contact to contact, from plug to socket or from the test device to the device under test. Rather, we follow the philosophy “What looks good works well”.

We develop your cable harness together with you and connect the wires to the best possible composition.