evoTrQ offers innovative system modules from which the production processes in your press shop benefit.

Sophisticated data acquisition and near-real-time visualization enable the adaptation of running production processes and support the development of comprehensive analysis potentials.

This allows you to continuously expand your knowledge of the entire process handling.

evoTrQ combines the terms Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things in a modular system and establishes the Smart Factory in the press shop. Our system collects production and process data and makes them available for analysis. This enables an active optimization of the production process - before, during and after production in the press shop.

evoTrQ means:

Increase in added value

Reduction of defective product components

Improvement of the component quality

overall cost reduction


evoTrQ supports the development of saving potentials within the field of material procurement


Extension of material tolerance ranges for coils

Up to now, tolerance ranges of the coils used with regard to material thickness are determined by the experience and respective know-how of the system operators. evoTrQ provides an empirical basis for the definition of limit values by collecting many and diverse information concerning the quality of end products and by making them available for analysis. Hereby, tolerance limits can be determined much more precisely and saving potentials can be revealed within the area of material procurement.

evoTrQ collects data and makes them available to you for analysis so that you can draw the right conclusions, raise the proportion of high-quality components and increase your productivity.

evoTrQ makes it possible to adapt the pressing process to changing material properties proactively

Identification of material changes in a stack of blanks

There is a large number of proven solutions by means of which, during the cutting process, production-oriented and quality-relevant data can be acquired.

But as soon as the cut blanks are stacked or mixed, material differences can usually no longer be detected and assigned to individual components.

With evoTrQ you make these differences traceable by analyzing production data and you will recognize consequently changes to component-related material properties in good time. The foresighted component recognition with evoTrQ helps you to adapt in time system settings for the pressing process to changing material properties as well as to increase efficiency and quality.

evoTrQ creates the right starting-points for reducing a quarantine storage

Easier detection of defective components

evoTrQ provides useful optimization tools for steps to be executed after the manufacturing process. When detecting a faulty component during the subsequent further processing, a considerable number of identical parts in the storage are to be checked for similar defects. But that entails usually a great deal of time and high costs.

evoTrQ makes it possible to identify affected components precisely. By means of collected production data you can reduce the number of parts to be checked significantly. Thus you can reduce your quarantine storage and save valuable working time.




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