Understanding the functions of complex processes and converting them into simple, modular and intelligent solutions is our motivation.

- ​Informationsflüsse lenken
- Aufgaben verteilen
- Daten effizient speichern und mit hoher Geschwindigkeit bereitstellen.

We work with you to develop the right architecture to provide exactly the data from a variety of information sources that will help you to continuously expand your knowledge of the entire process. "An investment in knowledge still yields the best interest." (Benjamin Franklin).


  • Interface independent linking of different data sources
  • Connection of systems to cloud and local backend systems
  • Merging of production data and third-party systems such as SAP or other administrative databases

Industrial image processing allows components and work processes to be checked quickly and reliably.  

Our spectrum ranges from the selection and use of the right camera type and lighting to the selection and development of a suitable and robust algorithm.

Implementation of a visual system

  • Specification of tasks
  • Design of the system
  • Costing
  • Development and installation of the system

Nature of the system

  • Sensors
  • Compact systems
  • PC-based systems

Nature of the inspection

  • Text recognition
  • Object recognition
  • Location recognition
  • Completeness check
  • form and dimensional inspection
  • Surface Inspection

Nowadays, a large part of plant functions is solved by software - be it data acquisition, processing logic, control of hardware, or even user communication.

During the development of your solution, we already pay attention to usability, expandability and compatibility during the conception and later implementation.