for a new age



for a new age

The newly founded Product & Innovation Department of evopro engineering AG combines the classic development craft with new innovative approaches and implementation techniques. With the multidisciplinary know-how from more than 500 special developments we are ready as a competent partner for your product idea.

You have a product idea for the industrial sector and need support in the areas of idea generation & conception, prototyping & product design, development, certification and testing, production and rollout?

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We accompany your product development from the idea to the realisation and want to support you in setting new accents in order to position yourself in the market in a targeted and success-oriented way. In doing so, we work with you on a roadmap in which you can define the modules important for the product launch together with us and hand over partial or complete implementations.

Brainstorming & Concept

We support you with our Innovation Lab in brainstorming, develop user scenarios, check the market orientation and create everything you need for implementation from a powerful concept to a business plan:

  • Market Interviews
  • Identification Users & Problems
  • Market analysis
  • Innovationsanalyse
  • Product strategy
  • Creation of requirements specifications
  • Business plan

Prototyping & Product Design

On the basis of the results, we develop an initial functional model to clarify the various aspects and dimensions of product design. At the same time, we check the technical requirements of the specification sheet for feasibility and implementation of the relevant standards in order to finally refine the overall concept:

  • Design drawings
  • Design prototypes
  • Product design prototype
  • Technical prototypes
  • Standards research
  • Preliminary studies


In sub-disciplines or also as complete development we take over the implementation of the project concept:

  • Hardware
  • Housing
  • Firm- and Software
  • Packaging strategy
  • Assembly Strategy
  • Test scenarios
  • Test specifications
  • Test systems

Certification & Testing

With the development of the first release candidate we create a test plan which you can carry out together with us at certification partners:

  • Functional tests
  • usability tests
  • Safety test
  • System tests
  • Long-term tests


Together with you we will find a suitable production partner or support you in setting up your own production:


Product launch

We support you in the preparation of important marketing and sales documents. We also prepare memorable presentations for the presentation of your product:

  • 3D-Rendering und Multiboard-Designs
  • High-quality information data
  • Presentations
  • Data sheets & technical documentation
  • Instruction manual

Unser Motto „it’s possible“ ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil unseres Denkens, Diskretion eine wichtige Disziplin unserer Arbeit.





Allowing new ideas, making them robust before the mills of daily business, breaking down reservations, addressing problems openly and working out solutions in a targeted manner. To work on new business models, services and products with drive, motivation and enthusiasm - this is exactly what the evopro Innovation-Lab stands for.


Together with you, we overlook the current trends and technologies in workshops and check your ideas with the results of the market analysis for innovative ability in the target market. In doing so, we develop potential fields and search for potential partners and competitors.


Extreme users

User Motivation


Value Proposition Chain

Research Map

Market Trend Analysis

Stakeholder Map

User Journey

Self test

Cultural Probes


Based on the knowledge of how and with what expectations the user approaches certain product solutions, we work with you to develop a powerful idea that solves the user's current problems and arouses interest and needs of the potential customer.


Tower of Ideas


Jobs to be done

Kill your Company

2x2 Matrix

Blue Ozean Tool

Bench- marking


From the ideas and insights gained from this, we can use a prototype to evaluate whether and to what extent the solution or idea is of benefit to the customer. At the same time, we can help you to find out what the customer is willing to pay for the solution or service in order to achieve first places in the competition.

Wireframes Storyboard


Appearance Prototyp

Pre- Mortem

Value Proposition quantifizieren

Expert discussion

Finally, we summarize all the important findings in a complete document, create presentations and thus return to you a fully formulated concept with a corresponding timetable as the basis for your business plan.

In our approach we refer to the latest techniques of design thinking from Dark Horse Innovation and Lewrick/Link/Leifer.

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