Roller Bearing Measuring

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evoChK - Roller Bearing Measuring

Complex solutions from one source

An electric motor manufacturer requires precise information about the dimensions of tapered roller bearings in order to be able to install them more accurately with the aid of shims. This accurate fitting allows for optimal power transmission and maximizes bearing life, thus reducing the number of complaints. With evoChK it is now possible to measure the delivered tapered roller bearings to +/-0.015mm, using an optical distance measuring device.

The confocal displacement sensor used operates independently of the surface.

For this purpose, the bearing is inserted into the measuring station, rotated by motor, measured and then labelled. The measured data are visualized on a screen.

evoChK - Roller Bearing Measuring

Individual, precise, fast

Cycle speed

35s per bearing

Size independent

Plant can be designed for any bearing size

Labelling as required

Durable marking with Ink Jet or marking laser

Visualization of the measurement

Easy integration into existing automation systems