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PCB assembly

In order to always be able to offer the best solution in terms of innovations, we work together with particularly qualified and industry-specific partners.
Including the one based in Regensburg PCB factory .

PCB assembly with full service

evoTrQ provides useful optimization tools for the work steps after the manufacturing process. If a defective component is detected during subsequent further processing, a considerable number of identical parts in the warehouse must be checked for similar defects, which usually entails an enormous expenditure of time and high costs.

evoTrQ makes it possible to precisely identify affected components. With the help of collected production data, you can significantly limit the number of parts to be checked. This allows you to reduce your quarantine warehouse and save valuable working time.

Customized complete solutions

With the PCB factory and the know-how of evopro systems engineering AG you have
one point of contact for cross-industry solutions.

This is how it works - a typical project flow