Machine vision refers to technologies, software and hardware products, as well as methods and know-how that can help your company with applications such as component quality inspection, process control and robot guidance.

Industrial Solutions

Methods & Solutions

The realization of an image processing project includes the planning of the details of the requirements and the subsequent creation of a solution. Choosing the right one Vision components , the development the right algorithms and the integration in existing systems plays a decisive role in the success of the project.

Code recognition

The identification of objects by means of markings on the objects plays an important role in applications such as material flow control and logistics. Typical markings are standardized barcodes or data matrix codes, but also customer-specific codes.

Completeness check

The assignment of a workpiece as correctly or incorrectly mounted, such as B. Checking whether all components are present and in the correct position is the prerequisite for passing the workpiece on to the next assembly step or as a final inspection before the workpiece is released for packaging and delivery.

Object recognition

The identification of objects based on characteristic features such as shape / geometry, dimensions, color, structure / topology or texture can be used in many applications, but it is also helpful for many other tasks such as e.g. B. the position detection and the completeness check.

Form and dimension testing

The determination of geometric sizes with the focus on precise and exact measurements has applications wherever workpieces or tools have to be checked for compliance with nominal dimensions. Due to the required accuracy, these tasks typically place high demands on the sensors and the mechanical structure of the test station.

Position detection

The determination of the position and orientation of an object in a predefined coordinate system is used in typical applications such as robot guidance and pick-and-place operations.

Surface inspection

The detection of surface defects such as dents, scratches, soiling or deviations from desired surface properties such as color or texture plays a role where the surface quality is to be assessed. The inspection requires large amounts of data and computationally intensive algorithms, and it is often difficult to specify formally. It can be solved with the help of error catalogs and artificial intelligent methods.


Automatic visual inspection technology and methods | OCR with recognition rates of> 99%

Vision components

  • Camera and optics
  • lighting
  • platform
  • interface
  • 3D systems
  • Smart camera

Algorithms and methods

  • Image preprocessing
  • Attendance control
  • Position detection and surveying
  • Tag identification
  • Classification and AI systems
  • Color image processing
  • 3D methods


  • Mechanical / electrical components
  • Trigger signals
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • “Observer-Studio” software for control and communication
  • Visualization

Mechanical Engineering

Special mechanical engineering