The quality of a product stands or falls with the quality of the measured values you use to evaluate and advance your development.

Together with you, we develop the optimum test system for your requirements for determining tolerance limits exactly and precisely.

The areas of hardware development and test technology are closely interwoven in our company. This is not least due to the fact that a customer-specific test technology also requires individually developed hardware.



Consulting and concept

  • Feasibility studies

  • Layout planning

  • Creation of requirements specifications

  • GC project management


Development, construction & design

  • Circuit diagram development

  • Firmware, FPGA and embedded programming

  • Printed board layout, single-layer/multi-layer

  • Electromagnetically compatible design

  • Circuit simulation

  • Mechanical dimensioning   housings

  • Interfaces to customer systems

  • Analog circuit design

  • Digital high-speed design

  • Microcircuits

  • Power-circuit design

  • Prototype construction

  • Product development

  • Installation and commissioning on customer's site



Quality inspection

  • ​​Inline

  • End-Of-Line

  • Electrical

  • Mechanical

  • Optical

  • Acoustical

  • Haptic

Technology sectors

  • Specification of laser and LEDs

  • Measuring equipment for semiconductor industry

  • High-power laser systems up to 100W

  • Specification of high-power laser

  • Measuring equipment for automotive

  • Test equipment for climatic tests

  • High-precision cooler for semiconductor measuring systems

  • Test equipment for high-voltage applications

  • Test equipment  electromobility



Cable harnesses are the cores of electrical engineering - no matter whether in test boards, special machines or cars.


We do not only take care that a cable connection goes from contact to contact, from plug to socket or from test device to test object. Rather, we follow the philosophy "What looks good also works well".

We develop your cable harness together with you and connect the wires to a composition being as optimal as possible. 



Individual testing technology, powerful hardware and precise measurement data.
Benefit from our know-how.


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