exact positioning over longer distances

WallMark-evopro systems engineering AG

WallMark - Position determination

Component Tracking

With WallMark, exact positioning over long distances is possible.

The system is used, for example, in driving simulation or in component tracking. Due to the error-resistant coding and fast processing, a very high reliability is guaranteed even at high speed. The high-resolution camera promises guaranteed detection even if the coding is slightly covered, dirty or scratched.

WallMark - Position determination

Fast and precise

- Exact position determination over any length of distance
- Suitable for high speeds


- Stable against external influences like dirt, scratches, insects, etc.
- Resistant against permanent solar radiation

High resolution

- Aufnahme über eine Linienkamera 4096 x 1 Pixel
- resolution 0,5 cm


- CAN protocol
- Software interface
- Processing and transfer of data via SPS
- Coding of the absolute position by bar code