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The complete traceability and control of all installed components is an important part of the zero-error strategy. This is especially true for partially automated processes.

In order to ensure that the correct bearing shell is installed directly at the workplace, 21 DMC scanners were integrated. This enables direct control directly at the conveyor and prevents costly rework or even failure at the customer's site.


  • Component tracing of bearing shells
  • Scanner bar, scanner table, infeed units for automatic station
  • Integration into existing assembly line within a tight time frame
  • 21 DMC-Scanner
  • Hand scanner as emergency strategy

Schaltmuffen von 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 und R-Gang können händisch montiert werden.

Mittels Kamerasystem werden die montierten Bauteile auf Mängel überprüft.


  1. Camera station
  2. Component push with workpiece carrier for component positioning
  3. HMI
  4. Material feed (4x bottom)
  5. Material return (4x above)
  6. Storage space for unused workpiece carriers
  7. Deposit chute for KLT
  8. Storage place for KLT with pressure pieces
  9. Printers
  10. Switch cabinet
  11. Basic rack

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