The Balance


When talking about balance in connection with work and career, most people always have the work-life balance in mind and yet think primarily of a flexible work model that allows sufficient flexibility and time for family and hobbies in addition to the job. With a working model based on time of trust, where performance and not just the time of presence counts, we enable our employees to be highly flexible and take this wish into account.

But is that really all? What if one of the individual areas is not in balance at all? Can there be a functioning work-life balance even though we are doing the same stupid tasks day in, day out? Confucius says: "Choose a profession you love and you will never have to work again". That is our motto!

Varied tasks, mutual support, accompanying projects from conception to handover to the customer, the competence to make decisions, the constant challenge, the confirmation, the success, the fun - this is how we define balance!