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  • Software and App development

    Software development at evopro means: controlling information rates, distributing functions, saving data efficiently and providing them at high speed. Our motivation is to understand functions of complex processes and implement them in simple, modular and intelligent solutions.

    Data collection and evaluation

    Saving and analyzing data is one part. However, saving many data and subsequently analyzing it reasonably is a different one. In order to benefit from saved data, some know-how is needed. We help you to collect data fast and efficiently and to scan it for a specific group of features.

    Image processing

    The human eye is a technical marvel. Even on most difficult conditions it is able to master the recognition of shapes and scripts. Reproducing this technology opens up new possibilities in the identification and tracking of components and operating cycles and is one of our core competencies. Here we set our focus on both, the choice and the use of the right sort of camera and lightning, as well as the choice and development of the appropriate and robust algorithms.

    System control

    Nowadays a large part of system functionalities i.e. collection data, processing logics, the activation of hardware, and user communication, is solved by using software.

    We consider the conception and implementation as the biggest challenge in the operability, expandability and compatibility. Therefore, we have a complete development tool chain, as well as an in-house developed application framework at our disposal.

    Thereof your application can certainly benefit.

    Enterprise App development

    You want to retrieve current system data easily and mobile? Or to be notified if a production installation has an unplanned downtime?

    With the enterprise app development we can offer you all of this. We are happy to present all opportunities, related to this software.