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  • Mechanical engineering

    For us, mechanical engineering is the balanced composition of mechatronic systems, electronics and software.

    Special machines

    Machine – a word which is used in our company as a matter of course. But, what does it actually mean? Looking back at the ancient Greek, its original meaning gets clearer, as it originates from the Greek word “mechane”, also from which the word MECHANIC originates. For us it’s time to redefine it. All special machines, developed by us, are not just electrified mechanical systems, but complex functional structures used by mechanics to translate functions into action. Thereby we go one step further, by providing support in preparing the functional specification, as well as support during operations.

    CAD construction

    In our company CAD does not only mean computer aided design, but also the complete system design by itself, starting with the mechanical function through to pneumatic and electric wiring and the functionally logic labelling of sensors and actuators. Thus, uncertainties in ports to the electrical system and software can be eliminated. At this a smooth process from the idea to the risk analysis to the final implementation is of high importance. Thereby the construction goes hand in hand with the documentation.