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  • Hardware and test engineering

    At evopro the fields of hardware development and test engineering are strongly interweaved. This is due to the fact that almost every testing technology needs hardware which can not be found off the shelf.

    Hardware development

    Reinventing the wheel is not our intention. We want to present you the best solution for your requirements.

    Often a grain is missing in order to be perfect for your specific task. Finding the 100% perfect solution is given a high priority.

    We are happy to help and offer you a wide scope of switching concepts, layouts, casings as well as, function implementation, production support and life cycle support.

    Test engineering

    When a product is leaving house, it has been checked for all its functions.

    In order to maintain efficiency and to hold test costs as down as possible, test engineering must be fail-safe, fast and affordable. That’s a challenge we want to meet.

    With us your products are in good hands, whether inline, or end-of-line; whether electric, optic or even acoustic and haptic.

    Cable harnesses

    Cable harnesses are the veins of electrical engineering – whether in test cabinets, special machines or cars.

    It’s not only important for us that a cable connection goes from contact to contact, from plug to socket or from tester to test item. Rather, we build the perfect cable harness for you and together with you, advise you at all development stages and put the cable wires together in the most optimal composition. Thus, this is not just beautiful, but is also prepared for all the electromagnetic influences of the Environment.