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    Regardless of which solution we give, your satisfaction is our motivation – whether in robotics, drive engineering or Eplan construction and its implementation.


    The market entry of robotic was realized a long time ago. However, the requirements for robotic application are more complex than ever.

    By using our know-how, we plan production plants with robots of various manufacturers like Kuka, Kawasaki, Stäubli or Epson.

    Challenges, which we like to face, are not only the solution of diverse tasks by means of robots, but also their interaction with people.

    PLC Programming

    The heart of an industrial plant is the PLC, regardless whether the products are from SIEMENS, Beckhoff, Bosch or B&R. It is our task to make this heart beating. In addition, we enable the communication via visualization systems between human and machine.

    Or programmers develop the system operation with our customers, and put it into a PLC program code. When putting into operation we optimize processes and test for stability and operability.

    After a successful delivery, we train operators and maintenance staff on site, in order to achieve the highest possible availability of your plant.


    Project planning of a plant is the basis of an electrical design. We provide support from the project beginning, in the selection of all components required, as well as in the implementation of the safety technology.

    Our constructors work with Eplan P5 and Eplan P8, and also integrate pneumatics by means of Eplan Fluid, additionally to an electrical installation in the complete circuit diagram.

    Drive engineering

    Due to the advancing mechatronics of our industrial plants, the power train technology becomes more and more important in the field of plant engineering. Only an optimal parameterized controller can achieve a maximum performance in your plant, regardless of which manufacturer (e.g. Siemens, Bosch-Rexroth or SEW Servotechnik).

    We offer support in the selection of power train technology, as well as in the choice of the safety technologies of control systems to be used. Whether dynamic controller or the simplest positioning controller, we integrate your servo drive system in plant control, and parameterize it.