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    Writing an good and successful applications is very difficult alone already there does not specify any personnel managers on the same points value.

    However, to help you with your application and preparing you for a job interview in our company, we can give you a few tips on what we value.

    Cover letter

    Writing a cover letter is certainly the most difficult part of an application, because it is aimed to draw interest to your person. For us, in a cover letter we want to learn about your motivation for applying. We are interested in your skills and experience, your future career plans, and which tasks and responsibilities are motivating for you. In terms of the appropriate length of your cover letter, there is no golden rule. We are completely fine with a half-page cover letter, as long as all important and relevant information is included.


    Your resume is your business card. Please feel free to highlight a bit more detailed all stages of your previous professional life so that we get an idea of your knowledge, skills and experience. A subcategorization of “education”, “experience” and “skills” is recommended.


    Certificates complete the application and testify the information given in your resume. For our recruiter certificates like job references, certification of apprenticeship or further trainings or your graduation certificate, or Meister/Techniker (state-certified technician) certificates are relevant.


    A photo on your application is not necessary and not required by us. We leave it to your discretion, whether you want to add one or not.

    Job interview

    Preparing for a job interview or even an assessment center is as hard as writing a perfect cover letter. Unfortunately, we are not able to give universal tips, too. Nevertheless, at this point we want to give an outlook on what to expect in a job interview with us, and our requirements.

    First things first, do not be worried about the job interview. We are no profilers and will not furnish a psychological opinion during the interview.

    We consider the purpose of an interview as an introductory conversation in which both parties have the opportunity to get to know to each other. Just be yourself and tell us about your professional experience, and how you want to further your personal and professional development. In return we present you our company’s spirit, which motivates us

    Please don’t be worried when you haven’t the chance to gain so much experience so far, you didn’t spend a semester abroad, or you didn’t graduate with an A+. A general technical affinity and fascination, motivation, commitment, personal interest and an open-minded and balanced personality are given a high priority in our company.