Vision and Inspection Unit

Quality control during the forming process

Check the quality of your component at particularly difficult to access locations of your production line and at the same time evaluate the wear of the tool.

Recognize and track your board via laser codes and thus track the material flow from coil to end product in your production.

Detect crack formations during production at an early stage and thus accelerate the maintenance process.

Inspect weld seam and quality directly during or after the process step.

Measure your board by contours and set the distances to each other in relation.


Check your cultivation directly in the field or in the initial sorting for deformation and undesirable developments. Simplify your sorting process through optical predefinition and thus relieve your staff.

Changes in colour and pattern can be used to determine the degree of ripeness of the fruit. In addition, the colour check helps to sort the fruit into the different quality levels - and characteristics.

Whether directly at the field or in the camp. Detect and control pests on your products at an early stage and thus protect your entire crop.

Protect your equipment from foreign objects before they enter machine areas.


Use evoVIU to support the sorting of different cutting patterns of the tree trunk.

Quickly evaluate the number and position of knots to create the optimal cutting pattern and minimize waste.

Detect fungal infestation at an early stage before processing and thus improve the quality of the building material.

Announce pests, such as bark beetles, to fight and take care of infested material. Make sure that stocks are not further infested.


You need an image processing system for your research?  Just ask us, we will be happy to support you.

You teach image processing and would like to test new intuitive systems. Maybe evoVIU can support you and increase the interest of students in image processing.

Technical overview


Introduction evoVIU

Der Einsatzbereich der evoVIU beginnt dort, wo der Blick auf das entscheidende Detail benötigt wird. So beispielsweise bei der Qualitätsprüfung während des Umformprozesses. Oft entscheiden hier nur Mikrometer zwischen Soll- und Fehlerteil. Um die Qualität der Bauteile kontinuierlich zu steigern und somit den Ausschuss gleichermaßen zu verringern wird die SmartCam evoVIU entwickelt und soll dabei bereits bei der Materialbearbeitung definierte Qualitätsmerkmale erkennen, vermessen und bewerten. Zugleich wird für die Instandhaltung eine Möglichkeit geschaffen die Anlage und das einzelne Werkzeug immer im Blick zu haben. Vision und Inspektion werden somit in einem Tool vereint: evoVIU – evopro Vision and Inspection Unit

Interface to industry 4.0

The smart camera starts where the system is needed in industry. Immediately and quickly applicable. Equipped with the latest technological standards and interfaces, VIU also attempts to position itself as a bridge between efficient production and the age of digitization. The clear goal is to create an inspection tool that can be used with already established efficient existing systems and new systems at the same time. By integrating Ethernet, Wifi, IO-Link and 5G, the VIU relies on interfaces that are recognized, efficient, and thus can be used in places where communication was previously the main focus. Translated with (free version)

Brings light into the dark

With the Loxi1-X light board, VIU has taken its first step into the multi-physical measurement of component carriers. For image processing, this offers the possibility of ensuring optimum illumination of the test specimen from any number of individually adaptable light schemes. The declared aim is not only the manual adjustment of the light with readjusted auto-focus, but also our idea for "AutoLight". A self-developing understanding of the camera, integrated in "Machine Learning", for the optimal lighting conditions of the component. This is initially ensured by the additionally integrated time-of-light sensors, which recognize and process the position and distance of the carrier. Thus, the Loxi-LED is individually and equally expandable. At present, the optimum wavelengths for each test object can be used from ten different LED colour variants without changing the camera's position and settings.

evoVIU Dashboard

Das passende evoVIU Dashboard erweitert Ihre Möglichkeiten:

Für die Bildeinstellung ist keine aktive Arbeit im Presswerk notwendig

Stay flexible ...

Also the coupling and fastening has to be learned. Especially for forming press lines, the bottom is used to dock onto all common coupling systems. If you need a special fastening, just contact us and we will adapt it individually for you.

... and set standards in the process

From the time of delivery, the VIU is already 5G-ready and offers the possibility of operating as a mobile sensor in an industrial environment through software updates. If your production grows into the new age, the VIU simply grows with it.