Endurance Tester

Long-term test system

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Endurance Tester - Long term test system

Component tester for climate chamber

The Endurance Tester is designed as a long-term test system to simulate the lifetime of the test specimen and display it in fast motion. Both mechanical and electrical characteristic values are recorded continuously. Our component tester is designed for tests within a climatic chamber under temperature and humidity. Drive profiles can be configured and imported comfortably via Excel.

The drive technology from SIEMENS allows the configured profiles to be run repeatedly and precisely.

The measurement technology from National Instruments measures the travel angle and momentary force in real-time mode using CAN signals and stores this data via a network directly in a database or locally on an SSD.

This component tester is just one example of how this technique can work for you.

Endurance Tester - Long term test system

Simulation of the service life of test specimens

Force/displacement measurement

Long-term test of mechatronic test items

High resolution

- Recording via a line scan camera 4096x1 pixel
- resolution 0,5 cm


Curve driving profile freely parameterisable via Excel

Precise and fast

- Measuring system CRIO from National Instruments
- Siemens Sinamics drive technology