No matter what moves you, the automation of complex processes and tasks is our passion and your satisfaction our drive.

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More efficient manufacturing processes | Ensuring and improving product quality

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PLC programming

The heart of an industrial plant still beats in the PLC.
Making this heart beat is our passion - regardless of manufacturer, label or area of application.

PLC systems and visualization

Areas of application


The basis of the electrical construction is the project planning of your system.
We support you right from the start of the project in the selection of the required components and in the implementation of the safety technology.
Our designers work with EPlan P5 and EPlan P8 and, in addition to your electrical installation, integrate the system pneumatics into the overall circuit diagram using EPlan Fluid.


Drive technology

Due to the progressive mechatronization of our systems, drive technology is playing an increasingly important part in system construction.

We support you both in the selection of the drive technology and in the safety technology to be used for the controller systems, and we integrate your desired servo drive system into the system control.

Servo drive system